• ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AT LEAST 21 – NO EXCEPTIONS (and bars won't let you in either!)

• Advanced registration is almost required (certainly highly recommended!)

• Each team should pre-designate a Team Captain, who will receive additional special instructions

• Individuals or couples without a team may register; the organizing committee will put you on a co-ed team of like-aged individuals and put you in touch with each other in advance of Booze-N-Clues to allow time to coordinate a team name and costume

• Everyone must show their ID and sign a waiver at check-in between 10:30am and 11:15am on the day of the event. Being late will hurt your team’s chances of completing the event to win the prizes for top teams...and impair your ability to win instant prizes!

• DRINKING: You can substitute a non-alcoholic beverage at any time in place of beer or other drinks at the participating bars. Alternatives include water, soda, diet soda, or juice in a quantity double that involved in any contest. Please designate a sober driver for your team!


• Each team at Booze-N-Clues will consist of a minimum of 4 players, maximum of 6

• This is NOT a "race" where the winning team is that which crosses the finish line first. Instead, the winning teams are those that collect the most points during the event. Points are accumulated in three ways: 1) Collecting GeoSnatch items during the Scavenger Hunt Scramble 2) Participation - simply completing various contests and tasks at the event 3) Taking the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best finishes in certain contests at host bars. Teams with the top three overall point totals will win the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place grand prize packages. See SCORING CATEGORIES below to prepare your winning strategy!

• During the Scavenger Hunt Scramble, teams are allowed a maximum of one Instant Prize. After finding an Instant Prize, teams should only pursue GeoSnatch items to get points toward their final scores! Any team capturing more than one Instant Prize will face North Korea-style sanctions, forfeiting all Instant Prizes.

• TIES: If there is a tie between teams' point totals in the end, or whenever a tie breaker is needed for specific contests, then a best 3 out of 5 Canadian Ro-Sham-Bo contest will be held between the Captains (or their delegates) of each team.

• CHEATING: Teams are allowed to use cell phones, the internet, etc to attempt to solve clues and find information (EXCEPT during the Scavenger Quiz). Each team should have at least one person with a web-capable phone to solve some tasks more quickly. Stealing prizes or items initially obtained or collected by another team is PROHIBITED and could lead to expulsion and disqualification from prize eligibility; PLAY FAIR!


• Teams are not required to wear a costume or theme, but it helps contribute to your points tally

• A lime green Lyme-awareness band is not required, but wearing one at registration will earn points for your team

• Designate a sober driver or plan to use a taxi or Uber after the event; DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!


Event / Task
Basic Points
Max Points, or 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place
Early Check-in: Team Captain checked in by 10:30am
0 or 5pts
Lyme Wrist Band @ Registration
Max 6pts
Surprise Game @ Check-in
Completed or Not
10pts or 0pts
Cornhole Contest
16 Tosses
Max 48pts
Naughty Charades
6 Cards
Max 24pts
Geeks Who Drink Quiz
32 Q's
Max 32pts
Karaoke Challenge
Max 25pts
Flip Cup
25, 20, 15
BEARPONG (Beirut style beer pong)
25, 20, 15
Stein Holding Contest
Top Times
25, 20, 15
Awesome Costume Contest
30, 20, 10
Did Team Wear A Costume?
Yes or No
10 or 0
Best Team Spirit
20, 15, 10
Most Creative Team Name
20, 15, 10
Submit Clipboard & Packet
5 or 0
Scavenger Hunt Tasks

* In an effort to expedite scoring, bonus points from previous editions of Booze-N-Clues have been eliminated and replaced by a new team scoring category: "Best Team Spirit" Award. A new category of "Most Creative Team Name" has also been created. Final team name must be submitted by 11pm, September 25th, the night before the event.